Medical Marijuana Testing Kit


  • Find out about your cannabinoid
    potency and profile
  • Take control of your personal health
    and know your medicine
  • Monitor cannabinoids within your
    personal Medical Marijuana plants
  • KEY-BOX test kit available for dry flower and cannabis oil extracts.

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How The Kit Works

KEY-BOX is a medical marijuana testing kit which allows personal growers and medical Marijuana users the opportunity to get the cannabinoid profile and potency for their dry flower and cannabis oil extracts. The KEY-BOX test kit is sent to you with all the required components to conduct an easy cannabinoid extraction. The extraction liquid is returned to Keystone Labs for analysis testing. Results are sent back to you through e-mail.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

The Key-Box personal cannabis testing kit is a well-designed, and thoughtfully executed product. Offering testing solutions to gardens of all sizes is an important step in the industry, and Keystone Labs is leading the way.Reid Smith

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