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What an excellent question.
There are three critical points in preparing your sample for analysis in the KEY-BOX. When we analyze samples in our lab, we have finely tuned instruments and controlled equipment for these steps. At home they are equally important and will have a big impact on the outcome of your results.

They are:

  1. How dry your sample is before you begin processing. The drier the sample is, the better the results will be. Moisture in the sample will add unnecessary bulk to your sample material and will mean that you are testing less than you could be. This will decrease the overall concentration of cannabinoids when we test your sample.
  2. How finely ground the sample is before you begin the mixing step. The smaller or more finely ground your sample is, the more surfaces will be able to interact with the mixture in Tube A. This will mean that the mixing step is more efficient, that is, more of the cannabinoids will be combining with the liquid. This will improve your results considerably.
  3. How well you mix your sample.  The mixing step is the most sensitive step. This is when the magic happens and it requires some focused attention and stamina (as well as arm strength). We have had feedback that families have shared the shaking to make sure that the sample is well mixed before the final filtration step.

In addition to these three key steps, filling the measuring spoon is also important. Underfilling the spoon will mean the measurement in our lab is lower than expected; overfilling the spoon will mean that the measurements will be higher than expected. Neither of these is preferable and certainly not repeatable.

Call us if you have questions, we are here to help! (1-844-319-8133)

Yes, it is. All of our test kits have an expiry date; currently it is 3 months.
Don’t be alarmed.

First, clean it up using paper towels (throw them into regular garbage) and then wash the area with a mild soap (dish soap will work) and rinse with water. Then wash your hands thoroughly.

Finally, call us toll free (1-844-319-8133) and we will send you a new Tube A.

Stay calm.

If you have spilled this on your clothes, remove them.

Thoroughly rinse any skin that was contacted under cool running water for a few minutes to be sure that it has all been washed away. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water, and clean your clothing as normal.

You may notice some irritation on the affected area.

Finally, call us on our toll free line (1-844-319-8133) and we will send you a new Tube A.

We have some really exciting announcements that we will be making in the near future.
Yes! Clean up the spilled liquid as indicated in the question above. But continue to process your sample to the end. We need a minimum of 2 mL filtered in Tube B to complete the analysis.
Great question!

As you may have noticed in the video, there is still liquid left over in Tube A when we begin the filtration step. This is perfectly fine.

In fact we need a minimum of 2 mL in Tube B of filtered product to provide you with the results you need.

We will have results to you within 5 business days of receiving the sample in our lab.

If we run into a problem, we will let you know as soon as we can.

Oh my.

Please call us on our toll free line (1-844-319-8133) or email us at We will track this down for you.

Please call us on our toll free line (1-844-319-8133) or email us at, and we will try to answer any questions you have.
BQL (Below Limit of Quantitation) is a term used for analytical analysis when the value is below the lowest concentration with validated accuracy and precision measured by the analytical equipment.


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We strive to process orders within 2 business days and will send the kit to you via Xpress Post. It will take 2 days for you to receive your kit.

The return shipment will be 2 business days back to our lab. We will work very hard to have the samples evaluated within 5 business days. When we are finished, we will email you the results.

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If you decide that you do not need the kit, we are happy to take back complete, intact kits that are shrink wrapped and still have the Keystone Label intact on the outside packaging. You can send it back to us through Canada Post at your own expense.


Since we only sell one kit, possibly you were confused when you went through the check out to buy it. If you are unhappy with the kit, there is really nothing else that would likely meet your needs. But we are happy to refund you for kits that are intact and unused, that is – the shrinkwrap is intact and has the Keystone Label on the exterior packaging.


We will refund you through the original method of payment.
Of course. Let us know at the time of the return we will be happy to make the appropriate arrangements.