Key-Box Oil
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KEY-BOX OIL Medical Marijuana Testing Kit

$149.99 + tax


Picture1STEP 1:

Liquefy Cannabis oil

Picture3STEP 2:

Measure Cannabis oil with 1.0 mL syringe

Picture4STEP 3:

Add Cannabis oil to Carrier oil

Picture5STEP 4:

Mix Cannabis and Carrier oils

Picture6STEP 5:

Add solution to Cannabis and Carrier oil mixture

Picture7STEP 6:

Mix Solution and Oil mixture

Step 7STEP 7:

Complete Sample Submission Form

Picture8STEP 8:

Seal KEY-BOX OIL with tamper proof label

Step 9STEP 9:

Ship sample back to Keystone Labs for Analysis

Step 10STEP 10:

Receive results from sample analysis


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